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Donna knows what it takes to get top dollar when selling your house in the Bakersfield Market. With over 20 years as a Bakersfield realtor, she has the expertise it takes to list your home and sell it fast. All homes will be listed in the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) and on Donna’s website.

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Tips To Sell Your Home Fast in Bakersfield

The time has come to sell your Bakersfield home. As you ready your home for potential buyers to see the qualities and potential you saw when you first purchased it, it’s important to welcome them into a space that’s neat, free of clutter, clean and screams…home!

Below is a checklist that will come in handy to ensure your home is show ready.

Show Space Free of Clutter

If you have knick-knacks strewn about and every closet is packed full of clothes and boxes, it’s hard for prospective buyers to see the forest for the trees. In other words, the less clutter you have, the roomier the space will feel.

Clean. Clean. Clean!

If a buyer walks into a Bakersfield home for sale that is dirty or messy, it can give the impression that it may not have received the best care over the years and could turn them away. So wipe the counters, put all the laundry away and run the vacuum.

If It’s Broken, Fix It.

If a buyer walks into a home with lots of little things that you just haven’t gotten around to fixing, they may be more inclined to offer much less than you are asking for the home. So if you’ve got broken light fixtures, holes in window screens, or a fence that is missing some boards, fix them before you start the process of selling your Bakersfield House.

They Don’t Want a Cave

If your home is dark and gloomy, it can be depressing and uninviting. Not to mention smaller. Open the blinds, turn on all the lights and keep it bright.

Don’t Shock Them With Too Much Color

If you’ve been really fond of brightly colored rooms, that’s great, but it’s probably not the best choice to leave it that way when you want to sell. Spend a few dollars on some cans of paint, neutral colors, and freshen up the walls. Plus it will save you from having to scrub off any dirt and scuffs.

Smelly Bakersfield Homes Don’t Sell.

Let’s face it, if people walk into a home with a strong odor of pets, smoke or the scent of the French fries you fried the night before, it could make them not even want to step through the front door. Open some windows, bake some cookies and set out some fresh flowers.

Shhh. Keep It Down.

It’s distracting to walk into a home where the TV is blaring, radios are playing and the kids are running from room to room. Have the kids visit some relatives or friends and play some soft music or none at all. A peaceful home is a welcoming home.

Sit Fido, Sit.

Pets can be intimidating to a potential buyer and potential buyers could be intimidating to pets. Buyers could be allergic to animals or simply unsure to walk into a room or yard with a dog roaming about. You also have to understand that animals can become very nervous with strangers walking through their space. Ask a friend if they can watch the pets for a bit or take them for a walk around the block.